Calculate Battery Runtime

Are you looking to Calculate Battery Runtime for your Lead Acid or Dry battery ? We have provided you with calculators and also some brief summary of how this is done.

How does Calculator work ?

A Scientist name Peukert proposed this formula to calculate runtime of batteries. Its also known as Peukert’s Law. Basically it’s really simple , We divide Battery capacity in AH with Application Consumption in Amperes ( A ) and then we take 80% of the previous calculation. Why we take 80% of AH/A is because Lead Acid Battery can never be discharged fully and If we try to do so the voltage of battery will decrease from 12 volts to 9 volts. This was the case with Lead Acid battery now in Dry battery runtime calculation we don’t proceed with second step i.e taking out 80% of solution. The reason behind this is that Dry battery does discharge fully.

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