Planning to use car battery for trolling motor ? Read this post before doing it !

Can you do that? Yes, but the battery won’t last long. A cranking battery in an automobile is not designed to fully discharge and then recharge (they are designed for topping up). If this happens, the battery’s life will be significantly reduced. You will be doing that since you are using it for a trolling motor. Make sure the battery is rated “deep cycle.”

A trolling motor battery should have ATLEAST a 100 ampere-hour rating, a Group 27 rating, and a reserve capacity of 175 minutes. Before buying the battery, you need to check whether it meets those requirements or not. We gathered some most powered and affordable batteries in this post which you can use for your motor.

Can you use a car battery for a trolling motor?

Car batteries can power trolling motors. But if you use the normal Car Battery with the trolling motor continuously, then it’s not gonna work and start damaging your battery. For this reason, It is important to keep a few things in mind when using a car battery for a trolling motor. Trolling motors require continuous power output, which a car battery is not typically designed to deliver. Thats why, you need to ensure a car battery can handle the extra load if you plan to use one for your trolling motor.

Regardless of how much power a car battery produces, it eventually drains. If you are going to use a car battery with Trolling Motor while you are out on the water, then you must have a source of recharging. Last but not least, you’ll have to make sure that both the trolling motor and the battery cables are in good shape. In cases where water may enter the connections, corrosion must be prevented. Moreover, if you want to know can you use the car batteries in boat? Then let me tell you that A boat’s battery is quite different from the one in your car, or trucks. Due to the marine environment, marine batteries are built differently from car batteries and are also designed to serve a different purpose. That’s why you’re not going to use the car batteries with a boat.

How long will a trolling motor last with a car battery?

A fully charged battery can power a 12V trolling motor for about 8 to 10 hours on low speed. Considering your car battery is not exposed to such power drainage in past. If you increase speed of motor , the battery timing will decrease gradually.

If you found yourself in a situation that there is no other option than to use car battery , My recommendation is to use trolling motor on low speed.

Difference between Car battery & Marine Battery ?

Marine batteries are specifically designed for boat trolling motors. In slow trolling through fishing areas, these batteries are used to provide electricity for a longer period of time. Boat starter batteries are utilized to start the engine. The battery in a marine boat must be charged before the engine is started. And then maintained so that the motor and the boat’s devices can operate. Understanding the different types of batteries offered will help you choose the right trolling motor battery.

On the other hand, Car battery is a recharging battery that is just used to provide electric current to the electric starting motor of the car, which starts the combustion engine and helps to propel the vehicle. When the vehicle starts moving, electric functions of car take current from the battery but the alternator is responsible to charge battery as it demands.

How do I choose an electric trolling motor battery?

How do you know which electric trolling motor battery to choose when so many options are available? Here are all the things you need to know to make smart purchases. So let’s get started:

Check the Power Need for your Trolling Motor: We have to start by checking the power that your trolling motor needs at different speeds in order to determine which battery is right. 

Identifying deep cycle batteries: If you are considering a trolling motor with an electric motor, you should select a battery (or batteries) with a high Ah rating since these are designed for deep cycling (regular discharge over time followed by recharge). A battery with only a CCA rating should be avoided. An engine can be started by a battery when it is equipped with Cold Cranking Amps, also known as cold-cranking amps.

These batteries will power your trolling motor for a short time but are cheaper than deep cycle batteries. In order to start an engine, it must deliver large amounts of energy over a short time period. By slowly discharging a battery over a long period of time, you may damage its internal components. This can shorten the overall lifetime of the battery or cause them to fail just as you need them most. Make sure you only use “Ah” rated batteries!

Picking Up AGM or Gel: Lead-acid batteries are the most common type of deep cycle battery used with electric trolling motors. If you are looking for replacements, you will encounter two terms. The first is AGM. The second is Gel. Absorbent glass mats, also known as AGMs, are the mats sandwiched between the lead plates in batteries. The glass mats are soaked with electrolyte (electrolyte is absorbed through the glass mats). In the event of damage or crooked placement of the battery, the clamps prevent the plates from buckling and prevent liquid from escaping. AGM batteries are the best option for almost all trolling applications.

The cost of gel batteries is significantly higher. The plates have silicon electrolyte gel instead of glass mats, making them even more buckling-resistant. These batteries are only worth the extra cost if your battery is going to be in an engine compartment or if it is going to be exposed to a lot of vibration or jolts (such as in saltwater trolling or when riding Jet Skis and power boats).

Some other Things

Size and weight of the battery: You want your battery to be small and lightweight so that it fits easily into your boat.

Time to Recharge: It’s important to have a battery that can last you the entire fishing trip if you’re planning on going for several days or weeks

Multiple Discharges: A battery that can be discharged and recharged multiple times is ideal for trolling motors.

Climate: Fishing in a cold climate requires a battery that will hold its charge without losing performance.

Prices: It’s important to know your budget before purchasing a battery. Prices for batteries can range from $50 to $600 since a high-quality battery lasts longer.


Question 1: Can we use any 12V battery on a 24-volt trolling motor?

Answer: With a single 12-volt battery, you are not going to run a 24-volt trolling motor. To power the 24-volt trolling motor, you will need to connect two 12-volt batteries in series if you only have 12-volt batteries on hand.

Question 2: How long will a 12V battery run a trolling motor?

Answer: This seems like a long time, but the runtime is only about 5 hours in ideal conditions. The actual time is probably shorter. Old, damaged, or undercharged batteries won’t provide the rated amp-hours, so the runtime is reduced. Extreme cold and heat will also shorten the run time.

Wrapping Up

You should decide what type of battery you need for your trolling motor based on what your needs are. If you are considering making a purchase, make sure that you do your research first. When choosing the right one for you, you must consider many different factors. To ensure you have an enjoyable time on the water, choose a battery that will produce the best performance for your trolling motor.

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