8 Tips to Kickstart Your Dead Car Battery

A dead battery can put you in a world of pain when your vehicle stops running suddenly. For this reason, spending some time learning some Dead Car Batteries Tricks is the best thing. Car batteries go dead for no reason at all. If there is no store located that sells auto parts, it may be inaccessible. You cannot call for professional help if you’re in an area with no phone signal; it is impossible to call for assistance.

It is possible to jump-start your car with the traditional method or with some of the alternatives listed here. Not being able to make it to an appointment at your doctor’s office or being late for work or school. Here are a few tips on reconditioning car batteries:

Best Dead Car Battery Tricks

It is best to use temporary measures when your battery is older than that. It might be reconditioned, or you’ll need to buy a new battery. However, you can take steps to increase your survival odds and prevent yourself from becoming stranded. You have the following options (but they aren’t the only ones):

Call Tow Service

There’s no trick here, but it’s a possibility. For Everyone! Depending on your insurance coverage, you may also be able to call if you are a subscriber to Triple-A. If you need a jump start or a tow, a tow truck will come and jump your car for you. The mechanic and driver are at your mercy. In general, it is safe, and it offers some comfort and peace of mind to some. Below are some of the other methods for those who prefer to do things by hand.

Can of Coke 

A classic trick that has stood the test of time, the dead car battery tricks work every time! Dead car batteries are often caused by corrosion. You can clear away corrosion from dead car batteries using Coca-Cola for a quick fix. Battery corrosion can be caused by hydrogen gas escaping from the battery. The battery terminals or cables become coated with a light blue or white substance that prevents the battery from conducting electricity. By removing corrosion and rust from the battery with Coke’s carbonic acid, the battery remains acid-free.

Trick your Car Computer

It might not be true what they say about dead car battery tricks. The computer in your car may need to be tricked into working if you’re having trouble starting your vehicle. You may have a faulty engine coolant temperature sensor or a vacuum leak since the computer monitoring your car’s systems is very sensitive to changes. Your car computer may overestimate fuel and not enough air if you have a faulty temperature sensor.

If your engine’s vacuum system is clogged or has a leak, your engine might lose power as well. Both of these situations can be fixed by applying more fuel to the engine before starting it. The computer believes the engine is in perfect condition using this technique. After that, your mechanic can properly diagnose and repair the vehicle if you make it to him in time.

Ways of Jump-Starting Your Car

Car Battery Jump Starters

A car battery jump starter is the first method. In the beginning, the Car Battery Jump Starters were made with heavy lead-acid batteries tethered to heavy jumper cables. As technology advances, new types are lighter and even smaller. The modern version of a jump starter has other uses besides jump-starting a car. It can charge phones and inflate tires as well.

Manual Jump Start

Manual jump starts are the second option. You will need some people to push your vehicle if it is not facing downhill when you use this method. Be sure to shift into 2nd gear as soon as the car starts moving after being helped by an outside source. After that, start the engine and grab the clutch.

Using Another Car

A nearby vehicle with a working battery and jumper cables can be used for this method. The positive terminals of the two batteries will be connected to one of the cables. A second cable is attached to the negative terminal of a good battery in order to jump-start a car that needs a jump start. Rev the engine for a full minute after starting the good car. It is possible to remove the jumper cables once the machine is running if it is working for you.

Alternative Methods

Cure Battery with Aspirin

Two aspirin tablets will be needed for this trick. Remove the battery caps, place one tablet of Aspirin in each cell after dividing each by the equivalent amount. Turn the ignition on and fill the tank. Acetylsalicylic acid from the aspirins is mixed with sulfuric acid in the battery to form the charge. It is not a good idea to do this as it will lessen the battery’s lifespan in your car. Do not use this method if you have just purchased a new battery.

Magic of Baking Soda

Dead Battery car tricks | Baking Soda

Corrosive particles could cause a malfunctioning car battery. Here are the steps to fix it: 

  • The toothbrush
  • Three teaspoons baking soda and one teaspoon warm water 
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Dry cloth 
  • Wet cloth
  • Rub away the corrosive buildup with the toothbrush and the solution.

Utilize a wet cloth to wipe away the softened corrosive particles. After that, dry the terminals of your car’s battery. Wait for them to completely dry before spreading petroleum jelly on them. The petroleum jelly will protect them from corrosion.

Epsom Salt Trick

Battery capacity has been reduced in unused car batteries. Batteries that have been unused for a long time produce lead sulfate when the lead fuses with the electrolytes. This problem can be solved by desulfating the battery. An effective desulfation will restore a battery’s ability to hold a charge. Prepare your battery by using this method.

  • Epsom salts, 7 to 8 oz. 
  • 1/2 qt. Warm water. 
  • Add Epsom salt to the warm water and mix. 
  • Using this solution, fill your battery cells.

A component of car batteries is sulfuric acid. Attempting this method should be done with caution since sulfuric acid can cause your skin to corrode. Making direct contact with the eyes can even cause blindness.

Vaseline Trick

When it is cold outside, your car’s battery stops working. Battery performance becomes impaired at low temperatures when oil becomes extremely thick and electric resistance increases. Your battery will be overwhelmed by corrosion on the battery terminals. The battery terminals should be cleaned before winter begins using a wire brush. The battery terminals should be reconnected after cleaning and covered with petroleum jelly. This will prevent rust from forming.


There is no question that soda pop protects your car battery from corrosion due to its acidic properties. Carbonic acid, which is present in almost all carbonated beverages, is effective for removing stains and corrosive deposits. Apply soda to the terminals of your batteries and allow them to sit until the stain is gone. Clean up the sticky residue using a sponge soaked in water.

How to Avoid a Dead Battery

Keeping the battery charged requires regular driving of the car. Use a trickle charger or battery maintainer if you have to leave your vehicle for a long period. It will restore your battery’s charge. High-quality models can help extend the battery’s life. AAA estimates that car batteries last between three and five years, depending on use and temperature. A hot climate is much tougher on batteries than a cold climate. In my opinion, routine battery maintenance is just as crucial as regular car maintenance.

It is important to regularly replace and service your battery to avoid being stranded. Generally, if you live in a warmer climate, you should have the battery load tested every two years, and after four years, if you live in a colder climate. You can find out when it’s time to replace a battery by testing its ability to hold voltage when it’s being used. Rather than risk being stranded if you don’t maintain and replace your battery, it is better to be careful to maintain and replace it.

Some Precaution to Keep your Battery Safe

Turn Everything Off

In the morning, if you leave something plugged in overnight or leave your lights on while your car is off, you are likely to have a dead battery. You should turn off your vehicle’s lights and unplug your car accessories before leaving.

Remove your Battery

You should disconnect your car’s battery if you’re planning on leaving it idle for a while. Auto-computers and clocks drain batteries. Because of added modules to modern cars, you should disconnect the battery. 

Older automobile models are subject to an ongoing debate about treatment.

Battery Age

Batteries in cars usually last five years and have a voltage of 12 volts. Don’t get stranded on the street by an inoperable battery. By checking the date on the official receipt you receive from the car battery vendor, you can check the age of your car’s battery.


Can you recondition a dead car battery?

Answer: If you use a jump start to revive your dead battery, you can recharge it completely. The first method is simply to drive around. However, chargers for car batteries can regenerate the battery’s charge if this does not work.

How long can a car battery be dead?

Answer: If a battery of a relatively new car has been well-maintained and taken care of, it can be left unused for at least two weeks. It may be necessary for you to hire a professional to deal with an unused car.

How much time do you leave a car without starting it?

Answer: In most cases, an automobile can be parked for about two weeks without being started. It doesn’t matter where you drive, if you leave your car on for a long period of time, the battery will lose significant charge, and you will have to jump-start it when you return.

How to boost a dead battery?

Answer: By parking two cars near each other but not touching, you can boost a dead car battery. When the cables are connected, a surge is generated, which can damage the electrical system of the donor vehicle.

Can a car battery go dead just sitting?

Answer: Your vehicle’s alternator charges the battery while you are driving. Your car’s battery could be damaged if it sits idle for a long time. It can be deadly for your battery if it is more than three years old.

Wrapping Up

Having a car that won’t start is frustrating. Thanks to these tips and tricks. You can get back on the road with these Dead Car Batteries Tricks. Would you like to know more? Are you looking for some professional help? If yes, then you can comment below. Our team is always there to help you! Moreover, if you know any other best working tricks, don’t forget to share with us via the comment section. For today’s guys, see you in the next article. Thank You!

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