How Long Can a Car Battery Power a Laptop – Step by Step Guide

How long could your car’s battery power your laptop in the event of a power outage or road trip? This is exactly what I decided to do: I broke down the numbers in order to figure it out!

With the help of a car battery, you are able to get 6.5 hours and a 4-watt laptop for 5.1 hours. Moreover, a 60-watt Laptop can go up to 3.9 hours with an inverter, and you are still able to start the car engine.

When you perform this check, you should assume your car battery is relatively new and healthy. It is the maximum amount that your laptop can draw from a power source (the blocky plug on your charging cord), but not what it requires all the time. Usually, it is significantly less. In reality, I have seen it as little as one-fourth. Moreover, different laptops need different power depending upon the brightness level, graphic, volume, external devices. 

How to Charge Your Laptop Using a Car Battery?

The question arises to every motorist whose laptop battery runs out of juice, no matter where they are. Your lecturer sends you an email asking you to submit the homework all over again while you are camping out in the great outdoors. 

You know you must complete these assignments and work reports within a set amount of time, which can make studying them increasingly difficult. You do not have to make it as ugly as it sounds, nor do you have to make it pretty either. The situation becomes even more anxiety-provoking when you don’t have a car and have to rely solely on the laptop for power.

Step By Step Guide

Follow the step-by-step guide written if you want to know How Long Can a Car Battery Power a Laptop?

Prepare: Utilize your automobile batteries while using DC power instead of plugging your laptop into your home’s outlet. Verify that you are using the proper Adapter before proceeding. For the converter to work, you need to replace a power cord section with a DC cable. Designed to fit the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle perfectly, this DC cord will not disappoint.

If you don’t have an Adapter: Electronic stores in your area will have one available for purchase. You’ll have no problem finding one. It’s available on Amazon, too. Instead of model-specific adapters, get a universal one.

Connect the Adapter to your Laptop: The procedure can be started as soon as you’ve confirmed your laptop charger is connected to the correct DC adapter. You will need to plug the appropriate end into your laptop to begin the process.

Place the Laptop in the best location to prevent any damage: Start charging the device by inserting the charging cable into the charging port. Once the device is charged, place it somewhere safe. It’s important to trust your computer while you’re on the move. In order to avoid damage during the move, make sure it is mounted on a solid foundation. Having an empty seat provides the laptop with excellent security, as it is a safe place to keep it.

Start the Car and Drive: While the charger is being connected on both ends, the vehicle should be started. Depending on the model you purchased, the computer will begin charging immediately upon turning it on.A flat battery on your return, resulting in a trip to the charging station, can be due to forgetting to charge your car’s battery before leaving the house.

Can the Inverter Empty Your Car’s Battery?

There are different ratings for power inverters currently available. Among the available power levels are 150W, 240W, 300W, and 500W. Using a laptop charger that is capable of 150W or 300W will be sufficient for charging a laptop in a car. If you use an adapter with a lower rating, your battery is likely to drain faster. A car’s battery can be damaged if the inverter is left connected overnight. Hence, if your vehicle is idling, it is best not to use the inverter for charging.

Can Inverter Harm Your Car?

You may damage the cigarette socket if the inverter on your laptop is not properly connected. Therefore, before even considering buying a power inverter, you need to understand how to connect the inverter. To ensure convenience, it’s best to go with a brand-name inverter.

How to Power an Inverter with a Car Battery?

In today’s cars, the cigarette lighter socket is used to supply power to the inverter. It takes just a few minutes to connect your electrical equipment to the inverter, which is plugged in and turned on. Other ways of connecting your car’s battery to an inverter are available. You can either plug it directly into the fuse panel or use an accessory socket that operates on 12 volts. An inverter powered by a battery can also be hooked up directly to the car for heavy-duty applications. There are many types of inverters. You should always read the instruction manual carefully.

Inverters are definitely better suited to deep cycle marine batteries than standard batteries. However, car batteries that are standard SLI are not ideal since the battery will discharge unless the engine is kept running.

Final Verdict

As you probably know, a car battery can power your laptop for a long period of time. As long as you follow the instructions in this article, charging your laptop in your car is simple and safe. You can power varied electronic devices and appliances through an inverter or directly connected to the car’s battery. There are limitations, however. A car battery can charge your laptop, but the length of the operation depends on the battery’s specifications and your laptop’s power consumption.

Furthermore, if you have any issue regarding How Long Can a Car Battery Power a Laptop, then let us know via the comment section. We love to help you all the time. That’s it for today; guys, see you in the next one. Moreover, don’t forget to share this article with your friend on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. Thank You, Have a Nice Day!


Can we Charge Laptop After Shutting Down?

Answer: No matter whether your laptop’s battery has completely run out, you can recharge it. Laptops that run on lithium-ion batteries are no different. When the laptop is shut down, the battery continues to charge. When you use the laptop while it is charging, you will be able to recharge it much faster.

Can a laptop run on 12V?

Answer: To do it, I’d recommend buying a 12V laptop adapter (with the cigarette lighter plug at the end). As well as a laptop adapter, you will also have a way to protect the power supply from dirt (power supplies in cars tend to be dirty). Next, connect the battery to a cigarette lighter socket.

How long can you run an inverter on a car battery?

Answer: The batteries in most automobiles and marines will provide sufficient power even when the engine is turned off for 30 to 60 minutes. Depending on the battery’s age and condition and how much power is required to operate the inverter’s equipment, the actual time may be different.

Do inverters damage car batteries?

Answer: It will damage the battery of the car if you use a power inverter. The impact is so small, even if you don’t use it properly, that it doesn’t cause any damage to you and your devices. You should use the car power inverter appropriately rather than finding different ways to use it.

How Much power does laptop charger use?

Answer: Chargers for laptops typically have a voltage rating of 19 volts. Because chargers and batteries have different voltage ratings, the charger can charge the battery simultaneously while powering the laptop (if the voltages were the same, the charger could only power the laptop).

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